TouchPal Neon Glow Keyboard

TouchPal Neon Glow Keyboard

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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Give your phone an instant makeover

Give your phone an instant makeover with the TouchPal Neon Glow Keyboard from Yogurt. One of many dynamic display updates and keyboard themes from the TouchPal series, with a dynamic high contrast display to give your phone a glowing finish. In stark black with lime and fuchsia accents, the Neon Glow Keyboard brings your device bang up to date, whilst the keyboard comes loaded with hundreds of new emojis, emoticons and smileys to transform the way you compose and send your messages and emails.

Revolutionize your social media update when you post with your phone with the TouchPal Neon Glow Keyboard. With unique smileys, emojis and emoticons, it's easy to put the personal touch to every update. Send bespoke birthday wishes, special thank yous and quirky notes to friends and loved ones with characters they've never seen before. With hundreds to choose from, there's always something new to surprise you and your message recipients.

The TouchPal Neon Glow Keyboard is great for those looking to send their messages faster. Streamlined for ease of use, giving you optimum access to the keys and functions you're using most, this keyboard theme also lets you customize your interface so you can make the most out of your phone.

An improved auto correct function ensures you'll send far less embarrassing messages, with more intuitive suggestions and better dictionaries to ensure your messaging is always on point. It's easy to load handy extra keyboards for specific texts, or optimize your phone window to keep an eye on multiple apps at once.

This is an additional theme for the TouchPal series from Yogurt, and requires the original TouchPal launcher in order to work. Make sure you have the base app installed in order to launch this theme, then easily install and activate by following the helpful prompts onscreen.

There's hundreds more themes to explore from Yogurt, all jam packed with unique emoji and emoticon sets, spectacular smileys and more one of a kind icons to give your messaging and text updates an instant image overhaul. Share with friends so every message is a colourful one.

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